04 January 2011

Top Ten

Just a glimpse at the top 10 most-viewed blog posts here in 2010.

10. New Song A song I found in August that completely blew my worries out of the water. You should definitely add this one to your collection.

9. Elizabeth Barrett Browning One of my favorite poem finds of the year. It's old, but so worth it.

8. frustration word vomit My reaction to building tension in my life and life in general. Sometimes being outside the situation helps you see what needs to be fixed in your own life.

7. fairytales and cinderella Another of my "life analogies" on decisions & patience.

6. Your Faithful Love The final compilation of a pattern I noticed in scripture about God's love for us and what His love really looks like.

5. impossibilities A pretty transparent decision not to be angry mixed in with a decision to be uncomfortable for the name of Jesus, but not idolize "doing."

4. heaven in CD-R form Christmas, Thanksgiving, and paganism

3. everything looks different when i wake up A few brutally honest facts about me as I am now (some things have changed).

2. givepeoplethebird.com Happy 1st Birthday Connect Rome and my story about getting there.

1. Let me tell you what God did... A testimony...God allowing me to see His answer to a prayer. I witnessed the Healer in action. wild.

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