27 August 2009


Solomon created a temple
extravagant and dedicated to the One above
Inside was a veil
of purples, blues, golds, and riches
This curtain of time separated
the presence of the Holiest
from the bloodstained lives of those who worshiped.

Jesus came speaking peace, changing rules.
He crossed the great divide
and conquered it all.
He taught intimacy and encouraged love.
When his last breath escaped
the battered body of an innocent lamb
all limitations were lost.

His body is our bridge
over an ancient chasm.
The veil was torn as he won the battle
and we were set free
so who am I to be scared r fear
He gave me all of Him
So I will give him all of me.

What could separate us, the psalmist says
What veil have I hung
to remove Him and bring distance once again?
I am unworthy, but he said he wanted all or nothing
What is this veil that withholds me
from His wonderful grace and mercy,
from the full divine presence of my Lord?!

[He asked for all or nothing
but what am I willing to give?
which parts will I hoard?
and why do I not trust Him?]

25 August 2009

Psalm 30:5

Lord, you tell me to run
run to the future,
blindly into Your will
folowing only the heart
you now hold.
But I've come to find that
running in darkness
leads to stumbling and falling.
You aren't leading me in darkness,
but I always close my eyes,
scared to see what's in store
because I never can quite make it reach
I never can make those ends meet.
These days I'm prone to losing m y breath
but I know there's no stopping this race.
So, Father, if I stumble
make me stumble upon strength.
If I lose my breath
may it be lost to courage and perseverance.
If my steps falter,
may they be following the winding road
of Your love and grace.
Though I feel like quitting
and don't know your plans,
I will continue to run to the dawn.

23 August 2009

sad sophomore eyes

I'm trying not to miss you
by busying myself
and thinking of something else
but all the while I'm wishing..
wishing you were here
to make this easier
and make me laugh
to grab the ranch
and be my constant friend

But times are changing
and I will not let these tears fall.
for now I will swallow my fears
and smile at what seems so unclear
until the time I see you again,
which I will cherish
like every fleeting memory of times passed,
when i will truly smile inside and out,
while praying that the end may never show its face.

17 August 2009

packing, pacing, parcels, practice

Though you may be a born-again Christian, sometimes you need personal reassurance, a reminder, that God really loves you and that you are precious to Him. Sometimes what happens in life can take away the true conviction that he loves you - the genuine awe that His love should inspire in us - and sometimes we just need to be told.
If you think about it, that's why we tell each other 'I love you.' While we know that our friends and family love is, it's verbal reassurance - a simple boost - to remind us. Parents, family, friends .. even God. We want to assure them that we do have a love for them and it is still there..speaking it and reminding makes it much more real to us and gives us a boost. We are dependent creatures and need those words and actions to keep our finite minds from knowing and holding to the promise that God has made to us. "Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine. Oh! What a foretaste of glory divine. Heir of salvation, purchased of God. Born of His spirit, washed in his blood."

"You dance over me
while I am unaware
You sing over me
and I never hear a sound
Lord, I'm amazed
by You
Lord I'm amazed
by You
and how You love me.."

09 August 2009

Beauty's Dance

[my cousin found this and I thought it was positively beautiful..think about it when you read it]

"The King will desire your beauty. Bow down to Him, for He is your Lord." Psalm 45:11

I'm standing in the ballroom up against the wall;
I watch my good friends talking, not noticing me at all.
A tear falls down my made-up face; pins fall out of my hair.
I quickly walk to the punch bowl avoiding every stare,
I run back to my brand-new spot and find myself a seat;
I feel completely damaged, pounded by defeat.
A distant figure takes my eye, and I decide to glance;
A gorgeous man, a perfect sight, is asking girls to dance.
Not just the girls who choose to stand in the middle of the floor,
But all the girls who hide their faces, looking for the door.
He slowly starts to come my way, and I pretend not to see.
Surely, He is looking farther; He couldn't be looking at me.
He pulls my chin up into his stare and silently makes me glance.
I look up in His loving eyes as He quietly asks me to dance.
I shake my head in disbelief and try to wake my dream;
There is no way I could go dancing in the arms of a holy King.
He leads me to center floor and locks my hand so tight;
And I am lost inside his love, His purity, truth, and light.
He leans down by my listening ear and whispers very slow,
"I love you more than you could see. You're beautiful, you know."
In tears I ask if He will hold me as I've never been held before,
And he wraps me up in His arms of love and says, "It is you I adore."
-Kaitlin Downing

08 August 2009


book - complete
editing - happening
sam bradley - hilarious
bobby long - 2 weeks
school - same time
summer - almost over
sunflower seeds - here
car - for real mine
tennis - tonight
life - good

04 August 2009

recent goings

1. Got my ticket to see the B-man on August 21!!! I'm spending the niggit with Jennimifer [even if she doesn't know it yet], then scooting myself to college the next day.
2. Got me some new glasses. :) They're red...not like.....fire-engine/Marilyn Monroe's lipstick red. It's more of a darker red, but I like them a lot.
3. As of some time this week, my curls will be gone. :( Sad, I know, but I don't have 80 bucks to get my hair re-permed. Maybe at Christmastime I can get it done again, because I'm sure going to miss them. I love them a lot.
4. I really want to pack for college right.now. ... but I don't leave for two weeks and some change, so I really just gotta wait.
5. I'm getting a car. :) Well, I've practically got it. It's April's old TeamHonda, but now it's mine!! I'm really stoked about it. It's not amazing, but it runs and will get me to the R and back. That's all I'm worried about. God provides. He is phenomenal.
6. I think that's all. :) Oh, I love God..a lot. :)

01 August 2009

hearts and stars

This week has been crazy and I can't believe it's over already..
I love weekends, but when I get to them, I feel like everything has been so rushed sometimes. This, particularly, is one of those weeks. Maybe it's because of the rain. It tends to make me itch to move and do.

Honestly, so much has happened this week.

Jen, Amber, and I managed to find 150 people in the southeast that would come to see Sam Bradley if he played in Georgia. 150 people. That's a bunch in one week.
I've also admitted a lot of things that I would never have admitted to myself before this week. Why this week? I don't really know. It's harder to admit things when they overwhelm you; this I know. Some things just slip out, regardless of your willingness to disclose that information.
Vague, I know. Blame it on Houser for telling me I was the queen of it.
I'm ever closer to finishing my notebook and will soon need another. I found some leather-bound ones at Walmart the other day but all the had was pink and black. Neither of those colors appeal to me right now.I feel like God has always lead me to my others, so I expect no different this time.
I have a spiral bound one here, but I don't want to use it. There are words written on its cover that seem hollow and vacant. It would probably be better off burnt.

Besides this, I've learned five chords on guitar [thanks to Adam] and I'm working on callouses. I think I have a few starting to form, which I'm entirely too excited about. I might be the most practicing student ever!
It would be amazing to pick up an instrument and know how to play it, but I don't mind the work for now. :)

My sister is amazing. She is a blessing from the one MOST amazing - my Father in heaven.