18 January 2011

Classes: Day 1

Today isn't exactly the first day of classes, but it feels like the very first. Last week was such a mix up that it doesn't count at all.
This is what I learned today.

1. I'm a member of the elite squad known as the "upperclassmen." This is my story...okay not really. This is how I know, though: my professors skip me on roll because they already know me. They ask about my family & specifics about my life. Classmates point out that we sat in these very seats last semester.
2. I'm writing more for my art classes than my literature classes.
3. Virginia Troy loves me - she used my presentation from last semester as an example for another class.
4. Scheduling class from 12:30pm to 4:45pm is a bad idea unless snacks and juiceboxes are involved.
5. Renaissance literature has taught me this: We've all been training to be in the circus. Make love, not war. Taylor feels about Shakespeare's sonnets the way I feel about the Word. Barry Manilow is G.R.O.S.S.
6. I will spend the remainder of the semester perfecting my dino doodle.
7. I'm very much a behind-the-scenes kind of person and I'm co-chair of Relay for Life, therefore I'm stressed out. It's not that I can't handle the paparazzi. I'd just prefer to let someone else deal with them. It also means I turn into Santa Claus. Not only am I gaining weight, but I'm also making lists and checking them twice. Hopefully I won't grow a beard. I've tried to stop wearing red.

I learned something else pretty crucial today - I have the most incredible support group ever. I KNOW this and have known this for quite some time, but God seriously whispered it to me all day today in the most incredible ways. I had lunch with three phenomenal ladies, dinner with my co-chair, and have so many incredible franndates to look forward to in the next two weeks. On top of all of that, I woke up early enough (even though I woke up later than I intended) to spend a good amount of time in the Word - wild. Usually that doesn't happen.

Wonderful start to this busy semester. I pray God is honored and His name explodes all over this campus this semester. My dreams are huge, but my God is bigger.

"You will keep in perfect peace the mind that is dependent on You." - Isaiah 26:4

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