28 March 2010


First of all, happy birthday to Connect Rome today and tomorrow. It's incredible what the Lord has done in Rome through this congregation and the people who are so involved in it. I am thankful to be part of it and hope to be more involved in the future.

These people are selfish - they are selfish for the kingdom of God. They will not stop until they have pushed every distraction, every steryotype, every fear tactic of 'the church' today, and every possible obstacle out of the way so that people can meet with God unhindered.

I went on a whim with Abigail back in August and have really just been moved every Sunday since. Even simply reading Josh's tweets and blog change the way you think.

They are such a true example of what it means to be Peter and step out on FAITH. God called each of them from separate lives and backgrounds and brought them together - He called them out and WOKE THEM UP to their place in His body. God said start a church and with no money, no meeting place, and no logical hope, they did - first in a bar...where they met for free by the grace of God. Weeks later they opened a coffee shop - NON-PROFIT - every single bit of that money goes back to the community. Then, God said move. They did - to their new location in the mall. The money was provided for them to renovate the 'church part,' the 'coffee part,' and the 'kids part.' - for ALL of that. Now, God has called for them to reach out...outside of Rome - to places like Haiti and Mexico. Hence the opening of CRO (Connect Rome Outfitters) this Thursday. In the works for the next year are possibly a return to the bar as a second location for Sunday nights and a possible prison ministry - not a little Bible study...we're talking full-blown service - on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

One thing I love about Connect Rome is this: Many churches see the great commission as simply a way to get numbers and go into other countries with agendas much like the Catholics who came to the Americas in the 1700s - to convert people. They go with the mindset that they will save people and they will make people turn from paganism to Christianity. They are the kinds of people that give other "followers of the Annointed One" negative images like "Bible thumpers" or "hell fire and brimstone" sorts of people.
God calls us to LOVE. That is all. To LIVE our lives with LOVE. Not love like married people necessarily, but the love of Yeshua.
"Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13
Connect Rome helps other people with the Passion of God, but does not force religion down the throats of those they are helping. They love. 

shouldn't we all?

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