19 September 2010

Let me tell you what God did...

The new series at Connect Rome is called "Healer." I can't begin to describe how wonderful that is, but that's only half of the point right now. We had an event tonight called "Alive: A Night of Worship." WOW, was it alive! God was moving in so many ways, tonight, but I have to tell you about one.

After I started college my freshman year, a friend of mine told me there was one other girl from my hometown here, but didn't encourage me to be her friend. The reasons were petty, but seemed legitimate at the time. Our paths never crossed that year. September of sophomore year I saw her at an event Connect Rome held at the Nest. She was a wreck. I had heard some stuff was going on in her life, big stuff, but didn't really know. I couldn't help but feel for her. My heart was breaking. I wanted to talk to her then, but she was surrounded by people just loving on her.
I waited until I came back to campus and messaged her on Facebook. I explained how I knew of her from friends, but just had her on my heart. She ended up telling me this horrible story full of lies, pain, and deceit. I couldn't help but cry. It was horrible and it made me so angry. I wanted to hurt the person who'd hurt her. We kept in touch for just a little while via Facebook and would say hello on campus, but that was it and pretty much has been it since then.

Tonight she was on stage singing. She has an incredible voice and has led a few songs on Sunday here and there. She sang "Healer" by Kari Jobe tonight. It was evident that she was standing as an example of those words in action. When the song was almost over she spoke to the crowd, pleading with them to let go of the pain they were holding on and just let God come in and heal them. I don't remember her exact words now, but I was in tears. If my legs had let me, I'd have fallen to the floor. I am so excited to see her sing, but tonight...I couldn't even explain how my heart clapped when she walked out on stage to sing that song and just as we worshiped. I feel so blessed and privileged to see how God has come in with His holy fire and restored her to Him. I was sobbing. God has shown me the fruit of my prayers twice in the past week in BIG BIG ways. It just makes my heart burn with .. gosh, with something I don't even know how to express..to see Him move and restore His children...to show to this girl that she is beautiful in Him and to see her LIVE that with the knowledge, faith, and BELIEF that she is healed by THE HEALER.

I don't want to mention her name, but, beautiful one, if you are reading this, THIS is why I just squeezed you so tight tonight! I am just so SO in love with our God and so MOVED by His restoration and love for you! I am so thankful that I've had a glimpse of that and so SO blessed to know you. You are such an incredible example of His love and you exude His love! I love you, girl, and can't wait to see where He leads you! (We have to stay in touch!) Thanks for sharing your story with me.

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