23 January 2011

Livin' it up

I've been in Rome sweet Rome for roughly 1.5 weeks.
Excitement is an understatement.
The pictures are endlessly exciting (thank you THE incredible Madison Willoughby for such wonderful pictures)
Basically we've been visiting Cups and Mugs a lot...and taking pictures.

Decorated cups & mugs are the best. Quotes from the night. They're all quite hilarious. 

The epitome of my friendship with this girl. She is love.

Fouche Gap - coldest place in Rome, but gorgeous. We tried to stay for the sunset but the wind was killer.


Sometimes we get a little carried away with Apples to Apples..
okay we get carried away a lot.

Adore these girls!!
I know this is probably horrible, but this is one of the many reasons I love this girl SO much - she is hilarious and doesn't mind it - she's pretty comfortable in her skin. I cannot help but die laughing when I see this.

I do life with these girls so much and I enjoy them more than I can ever tell you. I'm hoping this is a small glimpse of how incredible my semester has been so far. The stress is there; I can't deny it. But I can't overlook these incredible women of God and their impact on my life. I so so adore our times together and can't wait for more. We are livin' it up Rome-style.

p.s. I may or may not have leap-frogged a big yellow pole. 

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