01 August 2010

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How are we supposed to grow if we are all stuck in a middle school or high school mentality? There is absolutely no communication, only the existence of a crumbling hierarchy of stereotypical cliques. You have your jocks, your cheerleaders, your "working class," and everyone else who is out of the loop.
Are we promoting the Kingdom of God here? Or are we simply living our lives to glorify ourselves? Don't we know that we are imperfect and those who are imperfect MUST admit their faults and mistakes?
Yes, WE - you AND I. I am not innocent of this, but am fortunate enough to be 'outside' the situation this time, if you see it that way. But if we're supposed to be a mishpochah - a FAMILY - shouldn't we ALL be involved? Yes, I know that means having some dirty laundry that everyone knows, but we ARE a family, aren't we?
In word, yes, but in action...not at all. We are alienating each other by walking in the darkness with our own self-righteous airs.
Name me ONE FAMILY that was able to stick together with no communication - just ONE!
One does not exist.

"GOD will fight your battle if you will just be still." -Exodus 14:14
"Henei ma tov umanaim. Shevet achim gam yachad." - HOW GOOD AND PLEASANT IT IS WHEN BROTHERS CAN LIVE TOGETHER IN UNITY. - Psalm 133:1

How easy it is to forget.

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