28 January 2011

They didn't tell me this when I bought it..& thoughts on Sunday

Church on a Sunday is like a big family reunion.
That's why we need small groups - an immediate family - a group that does life with us.
Then we can come together on a Sunday to boast in God's blessing and comfort, and fellowship together.
That's how you grow as a church - you grow as individual families, then come together and share what you've learned and how you've grown in your own intimate communities.

I've legitimately never been in a place where God has made me so uncomfortable.
He's done a fabulous job of convicting me and changing me and making me uncomfortable in my skin, but this is different.
Nobody told me how completely scared to death I would be when God revealed a little bit about His plan for my life.
Scared is probably an understatement - let's go with cower-in-the-corner-under-a-blanket-and-mattress completely fearful. Hello Jonah.
It's not one of those, "Wow, God. I feel honored that you would use me for this," moments. Nope.
It's more along the lines of, "God...are you .. I know you're not kidding, but..YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?! Why would you even use me for that?! I would be so much better over here doing this other thing! Are you sure I can handle it?" Kind of like Beth Moore with the hairbrush.
It's more of a fearful awe of how absolutely sick-massive bigger-than-the-whole-everything our God is. I can't handle it. I don't ever want to get to the point where I can handle it. I want to know God and I want to be close to Him in the most real way, but He legitimately scares me.
He's loving, kind, gentle, peaceful, satisfying, and extravagant in His grace and mercy, but OH MY GOSH..


Not only does he completely control the whole wide expanse of..whatever this is that we're living in/on/around, but he also has a big massive organized plan of how He can/will use us for His glory.

That just freaks me out...to the point of taking a shower at midnight to try and wrap my mind around not being able to wrap my mind around all of who He is, yet still being dumbfounded.
God is nauseatingly huge.

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  1. I love the hair brush story!!! Can you imagine seeing that at the air port!?!