26 November 2010

everything looks different when I wake up

I've been tagged in those "30 random things about you" posts on Facebook. It's a bit too much effort for me to grasp for 30 things about me to tell the world. There are a few things I've noticed lately that I want to share...just not on facebook.

1. My world looks different in the morning. The thoughts I had the night before have probably changed and seem less important, less rational, and less me. This will change throughout the day. I'm not bipolar, I just think differently at night time.
2. I don't constantly think about being in relationships with boys. That's dumb. But when the idea is presented to me, I can't help but think of it in a long-term sort of way. I chalk it up to the huge list of engagements and weddings I am or will be involved in over the next two years. It's pretty intense. My roommate from last year just got engaged. It was precious, but definitely makes you think.
3. My happy place is purple, so I've heard, and I love pairing mustard yellow with that.
4. Jude and I are best friends.

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