19 January 2011

I once said I was a coffee connoisseur

If you know much about my life you know that I was introduced to coffee at a young age - Kindergarten. It was Brazilian and I fell in love. Unfortunately, my parents weren't too keen on the idea so my love and I remained separated until high school. I worked for a solid six months at a quaint small town coffee shop during my junior and senior years of school. It was wonderful. Our beans came from Dancing Goat in Atlanta, which was definitely not a mistake. The slow roast, the robust flavors - I couldn't get enough. I'd often stop by on my way to school for a giant cup only to return around 3pm for work and yet another large cup of goodness.
Since then, I've been somewhat of a coffee snob. I slowly lowered my standards back to the mechanized coffee sensation of Starbucks, but always knew there was something missing.
Recently I've been introduced to two wonderful coffee shops, or cafe's if you prefer, that stole my heart with one sip.
BareBulb Coffee opened its doors in late summer/early fall to the middle Georgia community and has drawn in so many locals. It's the new spot for Perry folks to go when they want a good cup of coffee and good conversation. I've even noticed a few groups having Bible study there during the day. Their kids corner is perfect for mothers who need time out of the house. Open Mic on Friday nights is always packed with people of all ages and artists of all kinds. BareBulb fully supports local artists and musicians which is wonderful. The atmosphere is inviting and warm - exactly what middle Georgia needs!

Cups and Mugs graced my second home with its presence just in time for the glorious snow storm of 2011. Their wonderful variety of cups, mugs, and seating offers something for everyone - whether you're meeting a group of friends to catch up, need a place to study, or want some time out with the kids. I absolutely adore their assortment of mugs - ones with flamingos, monkeys, mustaches, and every other kind imaginable. This place is perfect for beautiful Broad Street in Rome. The nook in the back is my favorite, by far, and the baristas are so friendly - I promise they all know me by name and I've only been twice! Their coffee is out of this world with flavor and perfection. My addiction has recently turned toward Chai tea and this place has the most glorious Chai in all of Rome! Cups & Mugs, you are my new favorite place.

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