Something about me

I'm pretty crazy, I guess you'd say. I'm a great big mess, but that's alright.
I love trees. They're pretty wonderful.
Usually, I trust easily. That changes depending on the circumstances. God is teaching me about forgiveness. I'm a sucker for second chances, but that doesn't always mean I forgive.
It's hard to make me truly angry for more than a couple hours, but when I do get angry or frustrated, I run or write or walk - I go away for a little while.
I love. a lot. It's probably my favorite hobby.
Most of the time I'm pretty socially awkward. I feel like that's becoming a fad, but it's just natural for me. I can hide it sometimes.
I love sports - tennis, basketball, baseball, football, sometimes soccer. I'll probably scare you.
I'm also quite the coffee connoisseur. After spending a good six months in a small-town cafe, I became a coffee snob. I like it because I like coffee, not because coffee is cool.
My great-grandma taught me to crochet when I was in middle school and I still do - scarves, blankets, sometimes hats. It's stress relieving.
Speaking of stress relief, I love art. I'm not amazing, but I try really hard and it comes out looking alright. I've recently delved into the world of painting, but I'm addicted to charcoal.
Relay for Life is huge for me. I've been involved since my freshman year of high school and can't get enough. I've got a passion for celebrating God's victories over Satan's mess ups. Relay does that by celebrating lives - both present and past. My life has been touched in a variety of ways by cancer.
My true passion is encouraging people in the Lord and praying for them. I love being with people, seeing how God moves in their lives, and the difference a day makes with Him. It's incredible. I've witnessed so much of Him.
I'm all about my friends and family. Each one holds a special place in my heart and I love them all dearly.
I'm a crayon snob - Crayola for life.
I like to think I'm a free spirit - wild and a little crazy, reckless on the week days.
Summer sun is the best kind - rejuvenating.
I love planning, but I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants and run with my hands in the air.