05 August 2010

fairytales and cinderella

Sometimes we are left with big decisions to make. Should we cross the bridge into the thorny woods to find our prize or just simply stay here where it's safe?
Often times when we are called to jump off of that cliff, we do so without first assembling our parachute the way it should be assembled. When we pull the chord, we find ourselves entangled in a confining mess that we managed to strap to our ankles.
Cinderella and I have been going through a few of those tough decisions recently. I'm not sure I share her fear of Prince Charming seeing her as she really was - a servant girl - but there is a certain terror that comes with knowing you've jumped in over your head and your only chance of survival is to be caught by a limb before you hit the bottom.
God is definitely teaching me a lesson in patience.

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