31 July 2010

drawing a blank

I apologize for not updating for so long. My life has been so full - from a day camp with some wonderful children this past week to working daily babysitting a 4year old - Kaleb. I am exhausted. I leave for school in 3 weeks...and will be going without my car. Poor Ben is costing too much to fix for my budget to handle right now. I've just got so many other things to work on, but I know God has a plan.
These past few weeks have been hard on my heart in many ways - a lot of which I won't go into for your sake as much as for mine. However, I would love to share a few things God has been working on.
I was offered a position at the church I attend in Rome to be a receptionist of sorts. It will only be a few hours a week, but involves coffee and pouring into a ministry I really believe is alive in God. I'm wondering now how that will work out without my car, but again - I praise Adonai that I am NOT in control! He opened up a way for me to serve while I was home and I know He'll provide when I'm at school as well...for both CR and NA, I hope.
My beautiful second mother, Mrs Joyce, recently found out that her mother, Mrs Joanne, has breast cancer. She is getting a mastectomy and they are praying that her lymph nodes have not been infected. Please pray with me and their family! Mrs Joyce has been such a powerful and influential part of my life and her parents are just wonderful! Not only that, but to God be the glory, regardless of the outcome.

Jimmy Needham is playing in Macon on August 13th at Wesleyan College! You guys should all come. =) Tickets are $12 dollars and can be purchased through me, LifeWay in Macon, Lamb's Well in Warner Robins, and Beauty for Ashes in Perry. Citizens of Heaven, some super awesome guys from Macon, will be opening up for him. It's going to be a real treat. Not only will there be great music, but both of these bands have some amazing stories to tell that glorify God to the utmost.

I have to wake up early in the morning so I am o.u.t.

14 July 2010

Bragging rights

Okay, before I head to bed I have to take a moment to brag.

I am so proud of my boys! Atlanta represented so well tonight!!! Brian McCann definitely brought the heat with the double that lead the National League to the 3-1 victory! Not only that, but the National League now has HFA for the World Series and BMac is the MVP.
He got a glass bat.
I'm only slightly jealous!

My parents were laughing at me - they went to bed before the game was over, but heard me yelling at the tv. And let me tell you, my fingers hurt so much from the conversation(s) I was having via text/facebook/twitter with three of the most wonderful baseball fan buddies ever! (They're also pretty wonderful people) -- Brittnee, Betsy, and Marc!

Anyway, I'm still a little wound up from the All-Star game, but it's time for bed. Kaleb and I are up for a long day tomorrow! We will have fun, though. =)

oh, and I wore a UGA shirt during the game....I think football season is coming up. s.t.o.k.e.d.
this southern girl loves some sports.

09 July 2010

"Week" should have 5 letters

My parents and family (extended and otherwise) left for the mountains on Monday. Fortunately, I had the day off, though I didn't find out until 6:30am that day. It was alright. I managed to sit around like I have never sat around. I finished a blanket that I've been working on since November - 6x7ft...it covers a queen sized bed for SURE and it's gorgeous shades of blue..well, I will just upload a picture.

Well, I spent the day watching reruns of NCIS, House, JAG (gosh I miss that show), Reba, and of course Grey's Anatomy. Hannah joined me later that night and we sat around a little more. I decided Tuesday morning early that I would love to remake part of my house for my parents - you know, tear out the cabinets in the kitchen and put in new ones (or just remodel the kitchen), put new carpet in the living room...the list goes on and on.
Instead, I remembered that our bathroom was in the middle of being repainted, but due to some unfortunate circumstances (laziness mostly), it had been put on hold months ago..actually, I think it was over a year ago. Anyway, I managed to find the paint, grab some tape, and go to work with some major help from Hannah. We painted most of it (except for two small parts that need to have the drywall replaced) and even managed a little bit of creativity with a stripe. :) I went today and cleaned the entire bathroom - I mean intense clean - and cleaned up the kitchen as well.
Hard work? Yes, of course...but it was still fun.
That on top of keeping Kaleb 3 days this week. He's a hoot, but definitely hard work. He's your typical 4-year-old -- his favorite word is "why" and he demands attention. However, he swims like a beast and cracks some great jokes.
Now, I'm kicking back with a nice cold drink and it's finally thundering outside. wooooohoooo!

04 July 2010

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Did I ever tell you how much I love poetry? Let me remind you..

"And I said in underbreath —
All our life is mixed with death, —
And who knoweth which is best?
And I smiled to think God's greatness
Flowed around our incompleteness, —
Round our restlessness, His rest."


"Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God:
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes,
The rest sit round it, and pluck blackberries,
And daub their natural faces unaware
More and more, from the first similitude."


"Grief may be joy misunderstood;
Only the Good discerns the good.
I trust Thee while my days go on."

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

(There are more from EBB, but I decided to limit to these for now. =) I can't help it..sometimes I just get caught up in it all. She's definitely worth looking up.)

02 July 2010

silent confession

Alright guys..two posts in one day. I bet you're feeling lucky.
Don't. This one's not as pleasant as the last one, but it's definitely exposing (well, slightly) a few issues (I guess you'd say) that I'm dealing with.

I will be taking a 2 day hiatus once a month. I may or may not reply to texts, emails, phone calls, etc during this time.

It's not as irrational as it seems, I promise. It's actually more rational than my other options at this point. There's a few things going on right now that are going to require this sort of break to sort through and overcome.

thanks for understanding!!


God has definitely shown favor in my life. He has a big plan.

As many of you know, I have been struggling with paying for school. To make a long story short, I chose the school I'm at because I felt led to go there. There have been several times when I was sure transferring would be the only way I could go to school because the money just wasn't there, but each and every time God has provided in some way, some how.

Today is no different. I received an email this morning from the guy who first noticed my excessive loans and cut me a deal. Last year he said that if I could bring my GPA up to a 3.0, the school would cover my loans for my junior year of school. He also said my senior year loans would not exceed $4,000. The only issue with that is my GPA this past year came out at a 2.93. Bummer, huh? Yeah - I was disappointed because I tried more than I can say to bring it up.

In the email this morning he said that, though I hadn't quite made it, he decided to still create my financial aid package to include no loans this coming up year and for my senior year to only be $4,000.

I am floored. I know God works in pretty incredible ways, but still - wow. wow. I don't even have any words to say.