06 February 2010


things I'm learning:

1. I did not watch enough barney as a child - I have the hardest time sharing my friends.
2. I am selfish.
3. I easily get upset with those who monopolize the time of people that I want to be with.
4. There was a penguin on my head a few minutes ago.
5. Wind makes people sneeze - I'm convinced.
6. I really want to squish Rome and Macon together into one big city with all the people
7. I really need some coffee from Quincee at The Nest (thenestcoffee.com)
8. Money is such an annoying thing.
9. You can't get the member books for The Patriarchs study by Beth Moore ANYWHERE...and I need them for my Bible study
10. Citizens of Heaven (http://myspace.com/citizensofheavenband) was fantastic tonight at the 567 Cafe in Macon. I'm so proud of the boys :)
11. Shabbat will be so much fun in the morning. I WILL be there.
12. I am so blessed...with so many friends that I love. God is so good to me. wow.

p.s. check this vid::


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