24 February 2010

Dear Beth Moore

My dear Beth,
Can I just tell you that you make absolutely every nervous experience that much easier?! God definitely used your voice to put me at ease tonight.
I had the first session of my first Bible study (one that I'm leading, I mean). We're doing the Patriarchs. There are five girls who are all sophomores here at Berry that are doing it-Juli, Sarah, Abigail, Lizzie, and myself. Each of us come from different backgrounds, just like the Siestas that met with you in Texas a few weeks ago....but we are going to connect over God. We did tonight, though we only did the introductory session! Tonight it was just three of us - Juli, Abigail, and me - but it was still fantastic.
I was nervous, to say the least. To bring people together to not only meet with you, Beth, but to meet with the Most High God...wow! What a privilege - an HONOR! I was a bit intimidated starting about an hour before we were to meet, though the nerves started showing themselves last week. I've never taken on something like this, but I've felt God calling me to it lately - and I just can't wait for next week!
The books are a little hard to come by because they are only at LifeWay and Rome, GA isn't fortunate enough to have one of those...but God has orchestrated absolutely every part of this entire study - from me getting the videos from a dear friend of my mom's to location and each of the girls involved. He has already started working on the books - I'll be getting three from my best friend this weekend who just finished the study at Nachamu Ami with the ladies there!
To watch HIM orchestrate...and have a hand in even the smallest things...like a Bible study...which is really a monumental small thing - it is just humbling.

Abba! I thank you so much for the girls I met with tonight - for their hearts, for everything we've experienced - good and bad in our eyes! I praise You for creating them in the most unique ways! Father, You have brought us together for a reason - for a purpose! Nothing happens that is without Your knowledge! We are all coming together with different problems and challenges right now - may we be accountable to each other, lifting each other up in You as it says in the scriptures. May we find new meaning behind who You are - behind each of Your names - write them on our hearts, Lord! Bring them to fruition in our lives and give us the burning desire to LIVE like we have promises from You - WE DO!! In Your very name we have promises! Father, may we lose ourselves in Ha-Shem - in The Name!!
How can I not praise You for everything You are doing? I see SO much, yet I see so little of how You move! Take me there to the place where You are! Father, I just want to be there at Your feet, at peace, at rest. You have blessed me so much that I cannot stop singing! WOW, Lord! WOW!!! I am in awe of You!
"Who is like You, Lord?!...All I can say is 'HOLY!' All I can do is fall on my face and cry 'HOLY!!'"

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