07 February 2010

Option Two

Jeremiah 23:23: "Am I god only when near," asks Adonai, "And not when far away?"
Elohei Mikkarov - God who is near
Elohei Merachok - God who is far

Psalm 109:1 "God, whom I praise, don't remain silent!"
Elohei Tehillati - God of my praise

Elohim Chayim The LIVING God (Deut 5:26; Ps 42:2, 84:2, etc)
Elohei HaChayim - God of the living (Mark 12:27)

Tsaddik means "just, righteous"
El Tsaddik - Isaiah 45:21

El Shaddai - the all-sufficient God
Gen 17:1 "I am El Shaddai: walk before me and be perfect"
Psalm 22:10, Psalm 91:1

Yeshua means "Salvation"
"Same power that conquered the grave lives in me, lives in me, your love that rescued the earth lives in me, lives in me." - Hillsong
- evidence that we are MORE than conquerors through Yeshua...He IS our salvation. Death has no sting and grave no victory. We ARE ALREADY victorious in Adonai!!!

I can't write all this down...go here. read this. it's ridiculously good.
here here here

ahhhhhhh I have lost ALL OF MY SOCKS!!!!

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