04 February 2010

Fri...I mean, Thursday

College is grand.
College is great.
God is doing great things here in my life.
I get to go home this weekend. =)

Today has been much better than yesterday when it comes to stomach pains. My friend Hannah likes to sing the 'Mi shebeirach' while she's on the phone with me because my dear roommate is sickly - but I think it's just a prayer of healing over this whole room! The Lord works in grand ways.
The weather is wet, but God's glory still shines on these 26,000 acres. I am HOPING to start my Beth Moore study next Wednesday night with some girls here on campus. Jeanenne, a friend of mine here who is also the assistant for Josh Roberts, the pastor at Connect Rome, has to get back to me about getting a few more people to come. My only worry is the books. I don't know anywhere around Rome where the girls can get them and Amazon takes at least a few days. The nearest LifeWay is in Kennesaw, but there's a Christian bookstore in Cartersville that carries them...I just need to check with Lifeway and see if they will give me a discount for buying 10 or 15 of them. I am praying so hard that this Bible Study works out. You guys have no idea. I just want so much to do this with some girls. My heart is in it.

I am so excited about my church up here - Connect Rome. The entire staff and the whole congregation have such hearts to serve the Lord. It's incredible and such a blessing to know them. Check out Josh's blog HERE I promise it will rock your socks.
I'll be missing it this Sunday morning because I'll be home and that almost kills me, but I'm stoked to go see my friends and family at home.

Cai is coming tonight around 8 from West Virginia to pick me up on his way down. Then I will be spending the weekend with him, the Butlers, and my beautiful best friend, Nan. It will be a fun, yet FILLED, weekend. =) Here's a rundown from now until I come back up Sunday.

5 to 6 - relay for life committee meeting [which reminds me go here to donate!!!]
6 to 7 - food with Juli and Jeremy
7:30 - leave to meet Cai with Jeremy
8:30 - leave with Cai for Middle Georgia!
10:30 - arrive at Nan's
sleep at some point

-home until around 2:30 to see Mom and Riley
-to Warner Robins to grab Nan from her work
-CoH at the 567 in Macon!!! can't wait to see these boys perform!
-Zach's basketball game in Macon [at the same time might I add]
-probable chillage with said Butlers

-service chehhh!!! painting involved I DO hope
-nommage aka lunch
-game night with Butler Boys

-possible church with mom & dad
-back to college!


I will leave at this. adeu :)

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