16 November 2008

it's all in your eyes

The grin on your face, twinkle in your eye
makes my heart do a double-take.
That smirk when you know it's funny
and the way I can't keep from smiling...
how I can't take my eyes off of your
captivating face.
I love to make you laugh
I see you watching me from the corner
of your eye and can't help but
stand amazed that you're finally here.
You're little words here and there--encouragement that
makes my cheeks burn a rosy red

A sigh escapes me. "At last," it says
and I know you're mine.
Pulling you into an embrace is like holding my hopes
and dreams -- my whole world
I never want to let go.
My search is over
and after so many years I've found you
untainted and dancing before my eyes.
While I want to rush,
life is so sweet waltzing slowly with you.
Troubles take a backseat when we're together
Sometimes I feel like life just gets sweeter.
On top of your amazing sense of humor and stunning beauty,
you are a Christian. you love and serve
the same God that I do.
And, that God would bless me with someone
as amazing as you ... brings me to
my knees. I have a shortness of breath.
tears form and fall.

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