17 February 2010

until March 9

Jason Upton's "Freedom Reigns" is just about as good as you can get right now until March 9th when the Passion 2010 CD, Awakening, is released. At that time, you will be so marvelously blessed to know ... well, the whole CD is legit. I recommend it. Those songs are written on my heart now after Passion this year. Three days of singing them....how can they not be?
It can be awkward when you walk into a place of worship and don't know the words to the songs. You end up mumbling and staring at the words on a screen, if there is one, and you don't get much out of the worship. We have a hard time letting go of the words...of the control of how we worship.
Let me tell you, by the time we got to Passion - all of us, 26,000 students, not just our 10 - were ready to let go. We were ready to just let.go. and worship. It didn't matter that we were in a room full of thousands we didn't know. It didn't even matter that we may or may not be sitting in the order on the row that we wanted to sit in or that the people around us were people we knew. We all battled to get there, struggled against principalities and powers, against time and emotions, against mentality and organization, against sickness and "impossible."
To struggle to get somewhere, knowing that satan had a red flag on every single one of our heads, and finally reach the goal, SUCCEED - yet not by our own strength, but HIS - and to find UNITY there!..how incredible.... Better yet, to rest at the feet of Yeshua. wow. To say that He "leads us by the still waters" is an understatement. We had mini lives just trying to get to Passion! Sitting at the feet of Yeshua we sang to Him the songs that are on this "Awakening" album. We worshiped Him. We found sweet peace and mercy at His feet. Grace DID abound, and His love overflowed in us. We would not have made it to Tuesday had we not entered the GWCC and Philips Arena to find such souls as Christy, Chris, Matt, and Kristian to lead us to the throne room.
Adonai gave them a vision, gave them words, and led them there with the talent and sincerity that HE needed to get us to where He wanted us. They served as intercessors, preparers, ushers, servants to the King. For the next three days we were poured into, broken, burned, filled, and restored. The Spirit of the Lord was there; there we found liberty, freedom, reigning...raining.

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