07 February 2010

It's official

No discount on the Beth Moore Patriarchs books, but that's okay. Adonai has worked this all out so far. I trust Him with the rest. :)

Going home is so much fun. I enjoy spending time with Hanah and y family and friends so much. It's grand. Cai, new friend, was great. He's not a new friend though. He knows so much about me already because of our obnoxiously long facebook message started about three years ago! hahaha We are crazy indeed.
Zach's last regular season game was Friday night - they won.
The boys of COH played at the 567 Friday night and did such a wonderful job. They have an anointing for worship. It was incredible. I can't wait to hear them play more!!! Saturday's service was grand. :) Worship was grand - Damien has a way of putting the songs together that just makes the whole experience phenomenal. I got to see my Amen Sista - Jenn!! TOO much fun...definitely missed her a lot! There were lots of faces there. It was so good to see so many people there to worship the Lord! Nan does so well with the kids too. They love her. :) The little girls did a dance that was absolutely beautiful and practically had me in tears. It was all about their worth in the Lord....and how he actively pursues them. It was just beautiful. Game night Saturday night was fantastical as well. We watched Medea's Family Reunion and it cracked me up, made me angry, and almost had me in tears. I guess that's a sign of a good movie......but at the same time it was a little slow and annoying.
Waking up so early to come back to school was gross. I wish I could've slept the whole day- which I did when I got here. A 4 hour nap was necessary.

I want to go to Israel. I want to learn Hebrew. I want to spend all of my time just researching and learning and doing.
I wonder if I can study abroad in Jerusalem....that would be exciting.

my headache and stomach ache are on and off. I wish they would both go away.
I have an essay to write! The superbowl is on!

I love that Adonai assures us that our walk with Him will not be easy, but regardless, He has provided an escape and THE Way to make it through. We must trust and inevitably we will feel like we're walking on nothing, but truth is we are walking on the most solid, holy ground.
He told Moses to take his sandals off...he was walking on holy ground in the presence of Adonai.

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