29 June 2009

mini sharpies!

So, I bought this 4-pack of super sweet mini-sharpies. I'm kind of excited about using them at some point, though at least one of them is not mine... :D

Today has been pretty uneventful. There was a fire down the road around 7am this morning so I got ... a few texts about that one. Yes, 7am. I was none to pleased to find my phone vibrating below my pillow awakening me from a deep and dreamy slumber.
People these days! And all just because my dad works with the fire department! haha I don't mind too terribly much.
Anyway, because of this fuego that seemed so important to those living in the Tucker District, ma and I took a little walk to see the damage done. Armed with a caucasian bagel slathered with strawberry cream cheese and a cheeky plastic cup full of iced sweet tea, we set off on our trek across the .. desert. Or tropical forest depending on your definition of both.
It was to the end of Frank Satterfield and to the right, opposite the way Jen and I walked Friday night, and definitely a shorter distance. I found myself giddy that it was a shorter walk, though, because the air made me feel like I'd donned winter clothes this morning - layers upon layers - and the grass crunched like potato chips under my feet.
Can we have a bit of rain?
The damage to the house was minimal from the outside and we dodged cars coming at lightning-speed down a road with a 35mph speed limit. We all disobey that one.

The rest of the day was filled with a few tennis highlights from Wimbledon and most of "Anne of the Island." I do wish that Gil and Anne would hurry and just be together, though I feel that would bring the end of this series quicker than I'm willing to barter for. I'd rather it go on for almost the rest of time...it's beautifully written and poetically epic. It draws you in through the most incredible scenes and quotes.

But I've got to read Twilight before November.

I'm not looking forward to school. I can't read as much. mehh

soundtrack of..today: "Weightless" - All Time Low
currently:: finishing disk 5/6 of NCIS season 2...while working on a surprise. :D I love surprises! this one I've kept a secret so far, too!!! Shocker, indeed. :)

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