18 February 2010

calculus and mindblowing numbers

11 handwritten pages...and I should have 20.
well, it will have to do for tonight.

I also just sent the most random email to my dear Mama Gentry. How I love that she will listen and read my ramblings that to the eyes of most are pointless, but somehow must bring excitement to her. She tells me so.
It must be my satirical use of sarcasm.

did you know taxiing is spelled with two i's? it's kind of like your face.
don't take that the wrong way...but if you look in the mirror, you have two eyes too. don't hate on the wordage.

coffee is good...didn't finish my popcorn. haven't studied for my lit test. gotta run do that. or sleep and do it tomorrow? lunch? oh anti-socialism.
I really haven't been social today. I only ate and worked and went to class! Otherwise I have been right here writing and/or typing away.

Believe me, doing both at once is a hassle.

Oh how I praise Adonai for His control over me! Especially in times like now when sleep deprivation and a spice of coffee have my mind and fingertips awry with intentions.

goodnight dears. more insight and thoughtfulness after my 2pm test tomorrow. Father, please keep me awake during Sense & Sensibility tomorrow morning at 9:30am!

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