19 February 2010


I exaggerate sometimes, yes....

but what I'm about to tell you, I'm not exaggerating about (and I don't exaggerate about God. is that possible? no. it's not. so deal)

but I have to get more details first. until then................ buy a tent :)



OK GUYS! here's the deal::

February 28, 2010
Benefit concert - local bands...that are basically great. so come check it
please bring a tent or donation! - Let's be God's hands and feet and help the Haitians!!

Tents need to be WATERPROOF, please - the rainy season is coming. Please get the word out to everyone you know in the middle Georgia area!

Haiti's rainy season starts in 10 days.

If you are a band that would like to perform - LET ME KNOW!

my email: bananagurl0508@gmail.com

If you are interested in helping or have other questions, please feel free to ask me!

"Wash yourselves clean! Get your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing evil, learn to do good! Seek justice, relieve the oppressed, defend orphans, plead for the widow." Is 1:16

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