25 August 2009

Psalm 30:5

Lord, you tell me to run
run to the future,
blindly into Your will
folowing only the heart
you now hold.
But I've come to find that
running in darkness
leads to stumbling and falling.
You aren't leading me in darkness,
but I always close my eyes,
scared to see what's in store
because I never can quite make it reach
I never can make those ends meet.
These days I'm prone to losing m y breath
but I know there's no stopping this race.
So, Father, if I stumble
make me stumble upon strength.
If I lose my breath
may it be lost to courage and perseverance.
If my steps falter,
may they be following the winding road
of Your love and grace.
Though I feel like quitting
and don't know your plans,
I will continue to run to the dawn.

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