13 February 2010

carmex and a little dark chocolate

Days like today are just good.

[my blog is turning slightly towards a journal...uhoh]

Hannah came over last night to have a movie marathon.

We ended up talking for 8 hours straight. I can not seem to recount exactly what we talked about, but I can tell you it was some good stuff. It amazes me that we can still have so much to talk about.

I finally fell asleep on her sometime around 1:45 or 2am only to wake up at 8:30 to roll over until 10:45. After having a bit of lunch [some tasty bowtie alfredo - love me some pasta] we returned to my room and just talked, again, until around 5...and we still weren't done. 
But all of today was spent talking about the Bible. We started out talking about Nazarite vows, ended up in 1 Corinthians 11, brought up The Google for some background research on the church at Corinth (ohmagoodness - if you've never done BG on some of the stuff in the Bible if not ALL of the stuff there, you will literally shock your pants off when you read some of it. The way it is all interconnected and woven together ... LIKE A TAPESTERY ... wow amazing). 
Sidenote: tapestry is important because the slam-poet last night on the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Vancouver...and consequently a note written by Mrs Cheryl. It's just good. I can't begin to explain it.
From the research on Corith we ended up in Romans, which somehow lead us to Exodus and then to so many other things. I don't remember where it went from there. It just got jumbled. I DO know that Romans 14 is now one of my favorite chapters of the Bible for at least right now [it's so hard to have a favorite....because it's all good. Literally]. The Lord definitely used Rom 14 to open my eyes to a lot of things - to humble me and smack me about  my pride and really just bring some things full circle. It was good.

I love coming home if for the very reason that Nan and I get to sit together and search and read and learn. It's the best kindergarten class, I promise. You'll find no other better one anywhere. 

I dare you guys to do some research!!!

Tonight I'm not sure what's on the agenda but I'm about to dive into one more essay that I have to turn in from last week. Then I'm praying there will be a coffee rendezvous, but whatever is in HIS will! 
Sad NA was canceled this morning due to snow/ice and I will not make it back to Rome in time for CR's services in the morning. =/ Praying this Bible study takes off sometime soon!!

I hope all of you are doing well. :) Can't wait to share what the Lord does next. He shows me more and more that He is leading me.  

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