12 February 2010


Came home late wednesday night because i was hurting so bad. mom and dad took me to the doc yesterday and I got some bloodwork done & a CT scan. it was a little weird. the contrast is gross...and I just had a headache all day, but i'm feeling better right now.
the doctor said everything basically came back normal, but my stomach is definitely really irritated and I need to lay off of so much caffeine and bad foods..like fried ones. but I haven't eaten fried ones in a month because they're gross. I have had lots of coke, though...and that's not good.

I would like to make it official - I am not allergic to the Butlers. P.G. hahahaha =)

About to go and eat some alfredo...at least that I CAN eat. it will be good and not too acidic like tomatoes or something. weird. but we'll see.
Nan is coming. can't wait. it's always such a treat to talk with her!

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