02 February 2010

RAWR said my tum

The rain has been nasty, but it puts me in the mood to paint since I can't do much else. I need to catch up on my reading for Austen, though. That's definitely important.

But besides that school stuff, I painted a picture for Mrs Cheryl! It's a tree - probably the best tree I've ever done. I really like it. Not even kidding, when I finish a painting and look at it, I wonder who painted it. I know there's no way it came from these two hands!!

I'm trying to think what to paint on Hannah's, but I really don't know....it will take some prayer.

I need to get a baby canvas and paint it black.....for Mr. Keith...it will be a ninja painting. =D

Today I am sick....sick of cramps and sickly wanting to be home already. This weekend seemed like winter break again...I tell you, it's that dang Excursion! So much happens in it.

I miss all those people.

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  1. oh a ninja painting! sounds like something my hubby would like lol. or my sons for that matter lol.
    thanks for visiting my blog! :) I hope you feel better, cramps are nasty things aren't they?