22 February 2010

Help the Haitians!!

 A letter from the lady herself::

Hello, my name is Hannah Rosbrook and I am contacting you on behalf of 700,000 Haitians who lost their homes last month in an earthquake. On March 1, they will begin a four month rainy season followed by hurricane season starting in June. Due to the massive destruction of their homes and buildings, they are now living under government-issued tarps and blankets that will not stand up to the impending rains. Through aHomeInHaiti.org, an organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, tents are being delivered to relief efforts already on the ground in Haiti.

When this need came to my attention and I realized I could, I knew I had to help. That's why I'm emailing you. I have volunteered to be the tent drive leader for the Middle Georgia area. Together we can collect waterproof tents to be sent to Haiti for free through this organization. Tents may be bought online at ahomeinhaiti.org as well as in stores. Monetary donations can also be made online - this can be taken off your taxes! However, combining our efforts and collecting donations locally will allow us to buy tents directly from manufacturers at an extremely discounted price. A 4-person waterproof tent is regularly priced $109. We can get them in bulk for $42 a piece.

MidSouth Federal Credit Union has graciously allowed us to use their locations during business hours as drop-off sites for tents. More locations for drop-off will be added in the next several days.  Also, local bands will come together to hold a benefit concert on March 6 to raise awareness and collect monetary donations for this cause. The location will be announced this week.

We can be the solution to their problem. It simply takes each of us giving a little. Please help me get the word out about this drive and benefit event. Forward this email, announce the event, add it to your calendars. We are more than capable of making a difference.

If you need more information or have questions, feel free to contact me.
My email address is nan1489@gmail.com and my phone number is (478) 397-1023

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Have a blessed day,
Hannah Rosbrook

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