19 December 2010

Love like

Praying lately has left me breathless. I kind of wish I was kidding with you. It really has. There are a few specific things on my heart in a heavy way. I can't shake them.
One is huge in hearts of many while the other is huge in the heart of one or three.


I miss praying with my friends. A few months ago it was so prevalent in my life - on the phone, in person, in text, wherever we happened to be. I so very much miss going to the Lord with a kindred spirit. "Where two or three are gathered, there I am in the midst..."

I keep remembering the last night of worship at CR. You might remember my blog about it. I know I mentioned being surrounded by some of the most incredible people that night. God's been reminding me of little interactions with each of those people that night. Mindblowing.


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