09 December 2010

the morning after

True life, I almost blogged at 3am when I finished my paper, but decided to spare you my corny jokes and obnoxiously disorganized thoughts. Said paper came out to an even 8 pages of actual writing, plus a Works Cited page and cover page. Ten.

Besides being stuck high above the world in my loft with Jude, cookies, books, Alfred, and the chapstick I thought I'd left on the floor, I had a huge motivator sometime around 11 or 12. I checked my grades online - really I was checking for the Brit Lit syllabus to see the real requirements of this research paper - and noticed that my Lit Studies professor had put our grades in...I started to sweat a little until I realized I made a NINETY-EIGHT on my essay. That's right, the one I spent all of Monday working on. THAT one. Seven pages. I made an eighty-four on my exam - the nasty one I took Tuesday and was sure I failed.
Who am I kidding? God is good..beyond good.

All that's left is my Old Testament final. Tomorrow morning. Which I'm not worried about.

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