16 December 2010


I love November and December because there are so many movies on television and, despite the pull toward consumerism, this time revolves around getting together with family and friends that you truly adore (in some cases, not so much adoration..but you get my point).

Every year, this time of year frustrates me to no end. It's not the family. It's the movies. Hollywood turns up the sap and every movie ends with two previously estranged individuals falling in love and kissing in the snow. It's inevitable. Merry Christmas.

It's hard not to get caught up in the cute package of winter romance - it's sparkly and has a big bow - but inside it's pretty empty. Okay, don't misunderstand - love is huge and love is grand and love is great and some people DO fall in love at Christmastime, but...for those of us who don't exactly fall into that category, it's not something to dwell on or be frustrated by.

This whole ordeal has been on my mind for two days now. How does God suffice when, frankly, snuggling on the couch would be much more appealing? How does God suffice when there seem to be NO good guys left in the world? How does God suffice when there's a Christmas party or even wedding? How does God suffice when my flesh wants something else?

Honestly, I don't know. It's something I struggle with more than I thought. But in the great scheme of things I am certain of these things:

1. God desires me. He is captivated by me. Psalm 45:11
2. I belong to God..and He is for me. Song of Songs 7:11
3. He esteems me enough to use me, though I would betray Him. 1 Corinthians 3:9
4. He has a plan & I have something important to be doing for him. Romans 1:11-12, 13:8
5. He holds my world in His hands. Psalm 16:5
6. His Faithful Love is everywhere, promised again and again. He cannot break His promise, even if we are faithless. 2 Timothy 2:13

"Loneliness is God's cry for intimacy," a friend told me a few days ago.
What do you think?

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