14 December 2010

Book List

Even though I'm on a rather long break, I still had enough to do for school to take up my morning. One of those being checking out what books I need to spend my life buying for next semester. The list is excruciatingly painful and lengthy:

1. Lyrical ballads 1798 & 1800 (Wordsworth & Coleridge)
2. The Monk - Matthew Lewis (never heard of this..but it's Romantic lit)
3. Frankenstein of the Modern Prometheus: The 1818 Text (Shelley, obviously, & other commentary)
4. Songs of Innocence - William Blake
5. Songs of Experience - William Blake
6. Lord Byron: The Major Works
7. John Keats: The Major Works
8. Emma by Jane Austen (whew. I have this one..and it's my favorite of her novels. Tro did good)
9. Shakespeare's Sonnets (Renaissance Lit here we come)
10. Faerie Queene - Spencer
11. Paradise Lost - Milton
12. Complete English Poems - Donne
13. Odyssey - Homer
14. Aeneid - Virgil
15. Inferno - Dante
16. Don Quixote - Cervantes
17. Death in Venice - Mann
18. Immortality - Kundera

That's the list for my 3 Lit classes - British Romantic, British Renaissance, and Western Lit. Traditions.
Most of those are books that, as an English major, one "should have read," but I'm quite certain few actually do read.
Alas, between those 18 headaches and Relay, I'm up for a rather laborious spring semester.
Not to mention 2D Design and 20th Century Art History - the first semester in a while where my art history hasn't paralleled nicely with one or all of my English courses. Also, no religion this semester. I wish I had time for a religion minor. I wish. I wish. I wish. I wish.