10 May 2009

Well happy mother's day

This weekend and last week have been so eventful.

Sending the seniors off on the trip of their lives with a little pat on the back was quite complicated. I cried a bit. Sobbed would be a better word, I think. We had some fun times, that's for sure. Without getting too sappy, I'll say I will definitely miss them.

God blessed me with some incredible loves. :)

Jenn's lovely ma said she would drive me home after graduation since mom and dad didn't want to wait two or so extra hours for me to go . It was such a blessing. I know it meant a lot to Jennimifer and I am so thankful that I was able to be there. Graduating from college is a milestone, for sure! I'm so proud of Jenn and Jessie and all of the others that graduated.

Jessie's crazy life in Baltimore leaves ample reasoning for random road trips north!

So after getting home dark and early last night, I fell asleep. What else would I do? Dad didn't even bother to wake me up this morning for church. He said he felt like I needed my sleep.

For lunch I had his incredible french toast -- no one makes better! Then mom and I made our way to Dodge County to see the whole fam damily! It was great. I got to see my cousin Matt and his wife who I see once every blue moon. And I got peas!!! and some lovely time with my bestest cousin, Lauren. I love her so much!!

When we got home we went to Olive Garden for dinner. I love it there. It hits the spot everytime -- slams it! The waitress told me happy mother's day though...I've gotten the whole spectrum I guess! 12, 14, mother. I'm waiting on grandma. I'm sure that one's coming soon! Or toddler. :P

When I got home Jennimifer called. :) I love talking to that kid. She makes me giggle all the time and is so sweet to me. I'm not about to cry, but thinking about her not being around at the drop of a hat next year is a little intense! She's always rubbin' it in my face that she's 21 and can go to see Bobby Long at The Earl in August, but I ...alas... cannot. :( This is such a sad existance!! Can I not just go and see Bobby?! Forget the alcohol! You can put X's all over my body! Okay so maybe not ALL over it...but arms, forehead, hands, you get my drift.

So anyway, after we giggled for a little while on the phone I went to steal the internet from my parents' computer - Alfred doesn't get good signal from the people surrounding me here - but mom was being obsessed with Farm Town or something like that on Facebook. So weird!! anyway, she finally got off and I got on.

What's the first thing I see? The fact that a dear friend of mine from high school is engaged. Hello drop of stomach and heart and and..

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