27 May 2009

turmoil and dirty soil

I've been going crazy trying to make up my mind about so many different things lately. School has been such a burden on my heart. I want so much to be at Berry and I'm so anxious to hear from Financial Aid that it's making my stomach turn. The whole situation with Lauren has been driving me crazy.

Slowly I've been finding peace. My God is so incredible.

There's nothing more I can do about school right now, so I am letting go [let it go - Tenth Avenue North] and just letting God.

A dear friend in the Lord told me tonight that it's possible that my friendship with Lauren has run its course. Does that mean that we aren't friends? No. It merely means that it's not a responsibility, which is not what a friendship is anyway. It means that we aren't close and that's okay. How do I get that across to her, though? The Great Physician always prescribes love. So this is what I am going to follow.

I love having cupcake parties with friends I love so dear. It is such a precious blessing to me to be able to talk to them about any and everything, to laugh and be happy and joyful. I am so thankful for all of them...even the ones that weren't there. They hold such a special place in my heart.

When I listen to worship music...just music proclaiming Jesus Christ...I am overcome with a feeling that I cannot describe. There is something...something in the words and chords and ... there's just something there. I am so in love with my Adonai.

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