07 February 2009

listless summer breeze

Hawk Nelson, Cartel, Boys Like Girls,
4-hour days filled with tennis
late nights, late mornings, fast food, movies
good, bad -- all of them [our horrible decisions]
"The Rose" and a family full of voices
"Ain't God good? He gives us so many blessings"
puppy-chow, brownies, game nights,

whisked away in the wind, our lives have changed
summers define memories, memories define lives
"now"--a mirage of what was and what is to come,
bound and interlaced as the fingers of lovers,
his hand in her hair, toes in the sand

I will never forget, and yet...
I feel the most memorable are to come.
With you. with Him. with others.
"Precious memories, how the linger"
in the faint smell of Banana Boat and Sun-In on the breeze.
Sunglasses and sun tans.
swimming, laughing
chasing the sunset to prolong these lazy days,
to postpone growing up, growing old, and forgetting

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