19 May 2009

soundtrack of my summer 2oo9

this week is going to be intense!

Unfortunately, Six Flags isn't open for good until Friday, so I won't be having my fun-time trip with Christobal and Jennimifer until next week.

Mom and I organized most of my stuff yesterday so my room is actually livable now -- I can see my floor. I've gotten into this crazy pattern of staying up until all hours of the night, but there always seems to be someone else up with me. :D Jennimifer usually calls with some sort of crazy story about her almost getting in trouble or her night being wasted by a series of unfortunate events. It's amusing. We giggle until our faces hurt.

Did I tell you I have crazy dreams? I always do, especially when I'm in pain. They get crazier. I woke up with an ache this morning. My dream last night involved my remaining grandparents getting Alzheimer's at the same time and losing their memory within a matter of hours. Talk about rough! It made me miss my Papa more than I have in a long while. In the shower it took everything I could not to cry. I thought about how it was so important for Jenn's grandfather to be at graduation...that was the one thing she wanted more than anything...and I realized that Papa will not be at mine. Three weeks before he had the stroke [or whatever happened. My mind has begun to forget what happened] he, Granny, Aunt June, and Uncle Herb visited for a tour of the campus on the way back from their 'vacation' in the mountains. He kept telling me how proud he was of me. We spent a good hour at the Old Mill. I loved listening to him tell me stories about how he'd worked in different places and professions throughout his life. He had evidently worked on a water wheel like the one on Mountain Campus, but a little smaller. He explained to me how the entire thing worked, and we took pictures on my phone and Granny's -- the one time I didn't have my camera with me. That was the last time I saw him...the last hug that I gave him, the last conversation that I had with him.

And the tears come rapidly, in streams. They more resemble a river than they do raindrops.


Let it roll - all time low
save your breath - hit the lights
face down - red jumpsuit apparatus
stay young - we the kings
on top of the world - boys like girls
on and on - hit the lights
one more weekend - the academy is
[more to come]

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