14 May 2009


Me from your perspective

-I am a lair.
-I cannot make decisions.
-Nothing I say is legit.
-Everything I do is illogical.
-You can never be certain with me.
-My mood is always changing.
-I'm not who I was.
-I don't care.
-You mean nothing to me.
-I am depressed.
-I am a pain in the ass.
-You have never had a friend as bad as me.
-I cannot back up any of my arguments.
-No one feels the same way I do.
-I don't treat you like a friend.
-I don't call you enough.
-Because I don't return your phone calls, I don't want to be your friend.
-I'm doing a damn good job of pissing you off.
-I'm making it awkward.

Pick your nose and pick your fights, kid...but right now you're doing a sucky ass job of picking your friends. You are the one pushing people away. You have not kept close friends at college for more than a year. You lie and cannot seem to back up your claims and arguments legitimately with evidence that is worthwhile. You are the loner when it comes to feelings. Your reactions and perceptions and moods are illogical and make no sense. You have put me on a leash, a short one, and I refuse to take it. You call me your best friend and treat me like your child or your significant other.
Well, honey, let me smack you with a little taste of southern hospitality. I am NOT your child or your significant other. I will be your friend, but I refuse to be your punching bag. I will take a lot of shit from you, but I will not take you treating me like the dirt on the bottom of your shoe. You may have gotten away with that in your past friendships or even in ones you are currently in, but I refuse to succome to that unrealistic demand of dictatorship.
Now, the ball is in your court. You have a choice. Either you start acting like a friend and treating me like one, or you can continue pulling shit out of your ass. I promise you this, if you choose the latter you can kiss our friendship and all that it held goodbye. 'Cause baby I've got pictures to burn.

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