21 May 2009


*look of bewilderment*

do you know what triamine is? and how much FOOD it's in?!
welllll, I'm finding out. My dad's got parkinson's disease and he's taking two different medicines to help decrease his symptoms. The new medicine he's on has some randomness in it so he can't have many triamines. It's completely changing our diet. He can't have chocolate or preserved meats like sausage and stuff like that. It's ridiculous. He won't go to the chiropractor who will HELP him -- his neck is really stiff from fighting the tremors that he has in his neck. It's driving me insane. I wish he would humble himself. I'm really trying just to pray for him and encourage him, but I don't know.

Ugh anyway, I went this morning to the Honors Day thing at the high school. I got to see Mrs. Gentry! <3 but unfortunately I didn't get to see Mr. Greg...but it's okay. I saw all my bebs who are graduating and stuff. It's crazy!! I can't believe they're all gradjeattin'! It's pretty intense. :)

It's raining, shocker.

Angels & Demons has lost my appeal.

But I'm writing a WHOLE lot! It's crazy. I need more sunflower seeds.

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