20 May 2009

engagements and weddings and!


My friend Martyne is engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Dennis. I was so overly excited when I got the news that I fell off my bed. I'm really not kidding. I was shaking for hours.

Well, she just facebook'd her engagement pictures and I almost died. They are so cute together and I know that they are so in love with each other and with the Lord. I just...oh my gosh. It brought tears to my eyes and my hands are still shaking. Their pictures were beautiful and I am just beyond excited for them. They are precious to me and such incredible lights for the Lord. They live so much for Him and I just love them so much.

It makes me want to get married. I have such a yearning in my heart to get married...to love someone so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with them. I want to have a relationship with a guy that is so enraptured with the Lord that there is no separating the three of us. I want to have a guy to hold me, to kiss me, to grab my hand at any time and just know that he is where I belong. I want so much to have HIM...to reveal my soul to him, the raw emotions and thoughts...the everything. I want him to make me feel in places and ways that I never thought possible. I want to be taken. I want to be loved.

My heart wants to fall so hard.
My heart wants to fall and never get back up.
My heart wants to find its other half.
My heart wants to know and be known.
My heart wants to be ripped from my chest and placed in the hands of another.
My heart wants to fall.
for you.

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