01 May 2009

to put aside all differences

I'm definitely one-of-a-kind.

When I get hurt, it usually comes out as anger.
If you are my friend and you do something to hurt me, I'll probably get upset.
When I am mad, it lasts for no longer than a few hours if that.
Wasting time fighting is...wasting time to me, precious time.
I've lost many a friend that way and know better.
Often, I am able to put aside my anger .. because I love.
Love is stronger than any sort of anger or hurt or frustration.
I want to give so much of myself to my friends.
Granted, this might be bad for me, but it's true.
I've said so many times that my friends mean the world to me and it's true.
I WILL rock and roll you from head to toe and back again if you hurt them.
God has my heart and soul, but they take up so much of the rest of me.
All of my friends mean the world to me...every single one of them.
I would go to bat for all of them.
I would take a bullet for every single one of them.
This, I promise.

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