17 May 2009

New Music

I've been blessed to receive some new music recently.

Nan shared some of her loverly stuff with me including John Waller's new CD which is definitely worth grabbing. It's got some great music on there, inspired stuff.

I'm really crazy about Addison Road, though. They are phenomenal. "What Do I Know of Holy," "Hope Now," and "Sticking With You" are some incredible songs. They have definitely brought me to my knees on a few occasions.

Tenth Avenue North also has a piece of my heart. I'd love to see them in concert sometime soon! I am also now the proud owner of the entire Wonder of the World CD by Rush of Fools and Hello Love by Chris Tomlin. Talk about incredible work!

I've also run across some incredible groups lately that are unsigned or very small right now. Caleb and Sol are one. They are two twins from Oregon that are in their late teens. They have harmonies that are unmatched. You can't beat family-harmonies! :) I also found this guy, Brett Younker, and he is SO AWESOME! I just stumbled across both of these groups by God's grace and they are definitely blessings.

Adam gave me a group called "The Wedding" last night. They're not too bad either. If you like Cartel - a little punk rock with a baby country twist - you'll like these guys. They're a Christian group...sometimes they're hardcore, but there's a lot of acoustic stuff too. With a Cartel sound they remind me of Silverstein as well. :D Their lyrics are pretty powerful as well.

Check these kids out. :)

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