26 May 2009

Strong Enough - JJ Weeks

I miss seeing JJ Weeks in concert every time I turn around! He's a great artist and has some powerful lyrics. I just 'borrowed' his CDs from my brother and put them on my iTunes.
Now for a few personal notes.

April Thomas, you are my soultwin. I know without any doubt whatsoever that I can come to you with anything and you will be right there. You will college-word anyone who tries to hurt me and will probably punch their faces as well. I know that if I need to get away from my house, you'll be at my house in fifteen minutes and we'll do something. If you can't come, you'll give me incredible advice on how to handle all the bad mojo. We are such different people, but you are so dear to my heart. You are my sister regardless of what any judge would ever say. I've had best friends and "best friends" over the years, but you're legit, kiddo. I wouldn't trade you for anything. And I gotta tell you, I'mma beat the face off of any girl or boy, adult or kid, who tries to hurt you or goes against you. I might be small...but I know big people. :D I love you.

Jessie Faulhaber, you are incredible. I miss you like woah, but that's okay. I hate that money is always an issue in travel and none of us seem to find jobs that can pay for our extravagant dreams of gallivanting cross country to visit. While Virginia isn't far compared to most other places, it's still an issue. Someone wise once told me that distance doesn't matter to true friends, though, because true friends will find a way! You've made me realize how much I really do eat tatertots...because every time I do, I think of you! I love you sweetie and I'm so thankful for you. -Sugar bean :P

Jennifer Parr, bite me. teehee. I love that one of your favorite poets is Cummings. That makes me grin. Can we hurry up? I hate that I miss you so much sometimes. You're a fabulous nanny, I'm sure. And what is it you do on the weekends? Typical. You would. No hands. I love you and your craziness. I love you and your sense of humor, your life, your love. I just love you. :) And I'm thankful for you. Don't kill me too much!!! :D

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