14 May 2009

fruitless searching

Perry officially SUCKS. - they have no jobs. ever. anywhere. :(
Relay for Life this Friday night! = hangtime with Jess and some high school babies that will be graduating soon!
Sitting outside is BEAUTIFUL! a little toasty, but who's complaining?
Middle school concert tonight for the bro. = chillax time with Joshua.
Mom said something about a pizza?
Cheesecake milkshakes are the best ever. - Jenn, I'll make you one the next time we're together since I keep talking about them and making you crave something that's 2.5 hours away and Ketchup can't handle it. :P
Am I a nerd because I really anticipate writing in new notebooks?
...Or because I love getting letters..and writing them back and forth?
Oh, these lazy summer days!
My phone's a jerkface, just thought I would tell you. Verizon on Watson= SNooobbss
I like to make food. quesadillas, spaghetti..you know.
I miss my friends who are stuck in Rome.
Guess.what. I will visit you SOON says mother!
Six flags. Are we going? We'd better be going. hurry up and find some money.
Job searching to the serenade of Bobby Long is nothing short of heavenly...minus the not finding a job part.
Why has FarmTown taken over my family?!
ich weisse nicht.

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