03 May 2009

a weekend in the life

This weekend was so much fun. Apart from a few mixed emotions, I really had fun.
Jenn's brother Rick was down (or up..or over...) and we had a blast. He's annoying as poop in a hilarious sort of way and Jenn + Rick + me + Jessie = hilariousness to say the least.

Friday night was the balloon ride, of course, and a little bit of Moe's to make the world go around. A tornado thought about dropping by and the comedian was crackin' on pugs and Dora the Explorer. Anybody have a green card?? Exhaustion soon set in and of course Jenn's DVD player decided to jump the border and forget what it was designed to do -- play movies.

Saturday was full of lovely sleep and lunch with other kiddies. Dinner was tacos at Christin's and the evening held the most intense game of Never Have I Ever that is imaginable surrounding a pitcher of koolaid. This was aided in hilariousness by the Jen Correy dance and Hairspray. Not soon after was the night filled with Rock Band and crawling across the floor. Nap time resumed its normal position around two am.

Today...oh was today a trip. Waking up to a text message and a full bladder kept me awake for the rest of the day. Lunch was with the Costa Ricans and poor Jessie, still showing signs from the previous evening's adventures. Upon finishing my art project, I had a rough conversation with Lauren that lasted less than an hour, but felt like an eternity. Morton-Lemley was basically attacked by a whirlwind of closterphobia...forget the tornado. We were all crowded into the basement -- fifty or sixty people packed into basically a classroom. It was warm and muggy. My head was already realing from the previous hour's conversation followed promptly by a shower of tears. Being trapped in a cage with a billion other birds made me want to screech, not sing. Trying to sleep didn't help. The heat and packed bodies just kept pounding at my skin. My ears felt like they were swelling, trapping my brain inside to pound its way out. At last, they told us we could leave. I stood too quickly for my own good and found myself spinning. My muscles throughout my body -- legs, arms, heart, chest, back -- quivered faint. I have not come that close to passing out in longer than I can remember.
I grabbed my movie and a few other school essentials and went to Jessie's room for a little while. We made pigs-n-a-blanket and watched Phantom of the Opera. The leftover piggies went to Jenn's where we chillaxed for a while in an effort to make her feel better and give her a break from her studies. I've just now returned to my room for an exhaustive night of studying for Chemistry and finishing my English essay.
This life is crazy, I tell you!
I don't want to be so clingy and say that I will miss my seniors with the intensity of a thousand blazing hot suns, but I will. They are precious to me and this weekend has proved that so well. I enjoy their company and laugh to no end. We are open with each other and just have a ball! They have honestly helped me out in some rough situations. Each and every one of them has brought some special light to my life and as they go away I am sending with them pieces of my heart -- some more than others, of that I'm sure. Goodness. I'm sure one of these days, in an effort not to be sappy out loud, I will write to each of them on here.

Okay, enough, though I could carry on like a blubbering girl for hours!

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