29 May 2009

crazy friday

today has been insane. My notebook and Bible are in Lauren's car and it's driving me crazy. I need them so much! They're .. my outlet and guidance!

I miss Jennifer more and more everyday! It's crazy :(

Hoffa came to graduation tonight and I got to see her. I was so excited to hang out with her and sit with her and talk to her. She is so precious to me.
And Mrs. Gentry and Mr. Greg. They are so incredible. God blessed me so much when he crossed my path with theirs! they are just phenomenal people and great Christians. I'm so excited to see them some while I'm home for the summer.
Hoffa's moving to England in July but before she goes she'll be back here in Perry for a little while so we're going to have picnics and swing and just be friends...with lots of people. When she moves there, Jenn and I are going to visit her. It's a must. must must.

okay, out with Adam.

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