13 May 2009

the voice of a wedding dress

[this is rough]

Have you ever thought of your wedding dress?
just imagined for an instant what it will be..
Will it be floor-length of have a sash?
maybe it will gather at the waist or on one hip
simple straps or a halter...
or strapless and elegant?
Will its hues be a simple white
or tones of ivory, opal, or pearl?
Will your hair be swept up
or fall in a graceful cascade?
Will flowers accent the tender strands of your hair?
or will a small crown be present in their stead?
Will your veil be tiered or long and flowing.
In your wedding dress, will you feel exquisite?
dainty and beautiful ... strong, and ready to make the next move?
will butterflies flutter in your stomach
in your restless arms and jittery legs?
do your hands shake in nervousness...
or excitement ... of this moment's magnitude
silently obvious anticipation of what is to come.
will your heartbeat heighten, pushing against this fabric?
can you let go, in confidence...in this wedding dress...

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