30 April 2009

I'm thinkin' again

Oh boy, oh boy.

I'm having a hard time eating these days for so many reasons. I mean, when I'm with Bell and the girls it's not so bad, but when I'm with my loves it hurts a bit.

I'm so nervous for them and for me. I always get this anxious feeling when I come to realize that people will be leaving or when I know I will be leaving. It's intense how things change -- in High school you were guaranteed a lot of constants, but in college I'm beginning to realize that the only constant is that everything changes.

Some of you, I know, will go all manic-depressed on me. No, I'm not depressed. I'm not suffering through schizophrenia or anything ridiculous like that...I'm just crazy attached to so many people. This is the same thing that happened freshman year of high school because I was best friends with the seniors at the time, the current graduating college class. :P I'm not sure how many of you remember having a "freshman" when you were a senior or having a "senior" when you were a freshman...kind of like ownership in an odd sort of way. Well, I was a freshman with all the seniors fighting over me in high school. :D They loved me! Granted the same is not true today, but there are a few special loves that are taking part of my heart with them across the wide expanse of this world when they leave this year.

My chemistry final is completely multiple choice -- all of them coming from the worksheets we've done for homework this semester. I'm so stoked because we don't have stupid essay questions and it won't be hard to look over the homeworks and remember the ansewrs ot the questions. I'm also excited because my sociology final is multiple choice and matching as well - with no essay questions. I don't think the teachers realize how much easier that makes life for poor college students who are sure to have frazzled brains by this time in the semester. I'm sure it makes life a lot easier for them as well when it comes to grading these poor finals.

Success that the semester is quite close to being finished. i'm lovin' it that's for sure. I have one major paper and my art project due and a five minute speech..and two actual tests. I'm really not stressing any of this right now.

Alas, my blabbing is gone for today. :)

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