01 March 2010

"And if our God is for us..."

What a weekend.

traffic to Macon was ridiculous - a 2 hour drive took 4. My back was aching, my toes cramping, and my tummy rumbling. After finally dropping Jorg with Sierra and meeting Nan, we shopped for what seemed like an eternity though it wasn't long at all. Food came later as did decorating for Purim with Seth and Zach. My head started to explode so I slept while they figured out the logistics of it all. After lots of "fluffing" from Seth, we left. Bev drove us to Bentley who we dropped off at the Butlers. Then Nan and I were on our way home. Sleep didn't come until around 2 and the sun rose at 6am for us. We were out of the house Saturday morning by 7:30 and had visited two walmarts, target, party city, and mcdonalds by 9:30. The rest of the morning was a tizzy. We were setting up, gathering food, arranging table clothes, and making puppy chow. Ashley was there. The beloved Butlers were also running around with us- how grand to see their faces! We, unfortunately, didn't do Liturgy - basically my favorite thing ever - and the boys did not play because Ted Pearce came to speak/lead worship. He was grand, but not as grand as CoH. It was still a blessing to see God move...to see the joy that He brings. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time! I gave Sensei his picture - "Ninja Convention" - and he loved it. It glows in the dark. my Hannah was the recipient of the rope picture - "A three chorded strand is not easily broken" - because it so very specifically describes our friendship from its very beginning five years ago! The Purim feast for the children was grand. Nan's decorations were fantastic. The food was grand, except for the famine of chicken nuggets due to a slight annoyance. However, my Hannah showed her heart to those people. They cannot question her motives. Seth was even complimented by Scott Bombard for his impeccable fluffing abilities. I shared a few chicken nuggets with him. ZachE and I took turns carrying Hosanna, Hannah's lamb, around. She's a presh lamb.
We finally finished around 3 and went home to nap. Our presence had been requested at the Butlers for a movie night starting at 8. Of course we didn't wake up until after 7. Jonathan was being loud and obnoxious, not heeding cries for a bit of quiet, which only led to my foul mood for part of the evening. When we arrived, I was surprised and incredibly joyful to find that Cheryl had bought me a Bible!! How cool!! I've needed one - the one I've had for five years (the entirety of my friendship with Nan) has been falling apart for some time. It's beautiful and holds so much, but sometimes change is needed. It has the most beautiful cover - brown and maroon with a cool design! Leather, of course, and just grand. My first Bible NOT in KJV. New start? yes. Now, I am the proud owner of a beautiful journal given to me by my beautiful Diana and a Bible from dear Cheryl! I am so blessed. Literally...my heart is gushing.
Saturday night's movie selection included One Night With The King and some pizza - n.o.m. It didn't make me sick. :) I love watching movies with friends. To most it seems like a pointless event where you learn nothing about your friends and aren't able to talk to them, therefore making it the least amount of fun. I disagree. The not talking is only leaving room for your hearts to talk. I'm convinced they do while we are simply sitting. It is good to just be in the presence of such great people - to know that they love you - to sit beside them and close your eyes and still know they are there. Maybe it's just a pat on the back or a smile, but it's more important than the words you could speak. We ended up staying to watch videos Seth had made - hilarious if I do say so myself - and just talking. It was beautiful fun. Quality time at its greatest. "Those Nights" by Skillet does a good job of emphasizing their importance. :) Finally we were on our way home. We slept well into the afternoon - 1pm! Our intentions were to be back in Macon at NA around 5 for the "college & singles" ice cream social. Somehow we ran late. Hannah needed to be there at 4, but I'm sure we didn't leave the house until well after 4. After grabbing my car, topped by Gary (Seth's cat), we booked it to NA and made it in the nick of time where Seth threw erasers at me (that started Friday night). The boys played some pretty incredible worship. Two of my favorite songs - Our God is Greater and How He Loves - were in the mix. What a joy to hear them in person instead of on the phone this time!! We watched Louie Giglio's "Fruitcake and Ice cream" and I just cried. There were so many references to places and people in my life. I was, and still am, struggling with school. I know there is purpose right now, but for how long? Yet to ask God to put a time frame on something is ridiculous. Waiting is key - see John Waller's "While I'm Waiting."
Leaving was hard - it gets harder every time. Thankfully I cried enough during Louie's talk that my tears were gone by the time I left...or at least far enough back in there that I could hold on to them. Mrs Cheryl hugged me tons before I left, which was the perfect medicine for a heart with so many pieces in so many places. She's just beautiful! If you don't know her, you're missing out. I promise. So I hugged all the boys, Laila (new frann!-Hannah has talked so much about her) and my Diana one last time....and jumped in Ben and ran away to Riverside to grab Jorg. It only took us 2 hours to get home- a record considering Friday's trek to Macon took so long.
And here I sit....unable to concentrate on an essay rough draft because thoughts from this weekend are running through my head like three or four different rivers.
Maybe I will do it in the morning.
I will sleep tonight...peacefully. Yeshua and I have so much to talk about - my family is so incredible. What a blessing to finally be part of a family who wants nothing more than to follow hard after the Lord.
What a blessing to have a Diana...MY Diana!

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