03 March 2010

Hakuna Matata and glow-in-the-dark paint

Today's a normal Tuesday, right? Well, if you leave out the random snow this morning and the ambulance outside my dorm earlier in the evening.

I'm beginning to realize that there is no such thing as a 'normal day' with the Lord. I should've learned that a while back; I know, I know.

While working on an essay rough draft - which I still haven't finished, by the way - I decided to switch up my playlist. I remembered a few key Disney songs that had been given me and I've been in the mood to watch Aladdin for the past few weeks - it all fit perfectly. One of these most important Disney songs was "Hakuna Matata." It means no worries for the rest of your...okay, I'm sure you know it. Anyone in the United States over the age of 4 should have seen that movie. If you know of someone who has not, please get them in touch with me. I will gladly find a copy for them to borrow (I don't own it myself, unfortunately).

Think about that though: Hakuna Matata -- no.worries.
How often does God call us to that? James 1:2 says we should be joyful in our trials and temptations. Isaiah 51 and 52 tell us not to be discouraged by the words others would speak against us. Paul says numerous times that as Christians we WILL be persecuted and Matthew says those who disliked Yeshua would dislike us, surely. David cries out countless times in the Psalms: If God is for us, who can stop us? If God is with us, what can stand against us? What do we have to fear? GREATER is He who is in us that he who is in the world.
Isn't that true?!
In Romans 8, Paul tells us that there is NOTHING that can separate us from God's love - we should be PERSISTENT in prayer and PATIENT in our afflictions..because by Yeshua, enshrouded in the Shekhinah of Adonai, we are MOOOOOORE than conquerors!!

Then why don't we go around shouting, "GLORY TO GOD, HAKUNA MATATA," because our Savior has rescued us from the pits of hell and has risen again....so that we have no more worries for the rest of our days. It IS a problem free philosophy - it is unfailing, unshakable!!


I painted a picture for Mr. Keith last week and gave it to him last Saturday after service. It was gray with black and white swirls all over. On top of that in glow in the dark paint were ninjas...fighting ones...and Hebrews 4:12 (modified) :: "God's Word is quick, powerful, and sharper than a (Samari) sword." This is significant to Mr. Keith..because he's a ninja, but that's a different story for a different time - it may already be in one of my Passion2010 posts from January sometime.
There was a big to-do about the glow-in-the-dark paint and how cool it was that Michaels had it and the way it made the ninjas glow - it was just great. I was thinking about it tonight for some reason - there was really no prompting - and realized this:

If the paint is not in the light for a little while to "charge," it will not glow. You have to let it sit in the light or put it close to the light bulb for a few minutes for it to be extra bright as soon as you turn the light off.
The paint glows the brightest immediately after the darkest darkness surrounds it and soon the glow fades.

WE ARE LIKE THAT PAINT!! If we don't spend time in the Word, soaking up the rays of the S-O-N, we fade and our light is no longer able to shine. Matthew 5 tells us we are the light of the world...we are to take the Word to the farthest reaches of this planet and tell everyone, but if we don't spend time walking with Yeshua, just existing in the presence of Adonai, we fade.
After conferences like Passion or camp we are positively glowing - people commented about it when the 10 of us from NA returned from Passion2010. We are excited to share the Word, we are pumped, we are full of energy and the strength of the Lord. But over time - let's say a month or two as it's now been - we lose it. We become weary. I've noticed that it's harder for me to wake up and get in the Word..it's harder for me to set time aside during the day. BUT, it's also harder for me to fight back. it's harder for me to sit in New Testament class with a discerning spirit, knowing that the subjects we are speaking on are imperative - much more so than a literature class or math class, though God has a hand in those as well and can teach you some of the coolest lessons if you'll pay attention in those classes.
Another scientific truth is this: if we don't spend time in the sunshine - the big bright light in the sky - we end up with a vitamin d deficiency and will get sick. Sure, we can take pills for that, but it's not as healthy or as beneficial to us as being in the very presence of the sunshine.
Similarly, if those little ninjas on Sensei Keith's picture don't spend time under a light bulb, but are constantly surrounded by darkness, they will get sick...they will lose their strength to shine.
MUCH the same, as I'm sure you have gathered, WE as Messianic believers, will lose our light if we "put it under a bushel" of darkness and do not spend time in the presence of the Shekhinah. Our witness will be lost, God's strength in us to control our flesh and our tongue will be lost. Everything will fall apart.
And let me tell you, you will see it if you just look.
It is IMPERATIVE that we spend time walking with the Lord EVERYDAY! Not just once or twice a week and service our youth or Bible study.
You have to eat!!! You have to feed on the Word or you starve spiritually!

be a fighting glowing ninja that sings Hakuna Matata! =)

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