23 March 2010

class registration

Wow. There is not a bigger pain in my left kidney than class registration / advisement.
It's crammed.
They don't tell you about it until it's about to bite you in the knee-pit.

After much deliberation...this is what next semester is looking like:

1. Intro to Lit Studies 11-11:50 (this is hard..I dropped it once before)
2. Old Testament 1-1:50 (put ya game face on)
3. Shakespeare 2-3:15 (it's required.)

4. Astronomy 9:30-10:45 (with mere. hard, but I need a science..and this is it)
5. Throwing Clay 1-2:30 (I wanted to do hand, but it didn't fit..like painting didn't fit)

that's 16 hours. I may do raquetball...T/H 12:30-1:45. which would be 17 hours and raquetball would end in October, thank the Lord!

needless to say, I am exhausted. My bed is covered with papers and notebooks. My 7 page research essay rough draft (due by Friday, mind you) has not been started outside of a little research today. I have a Lit test tomorrow that I has barely had a thought and I have homework for my writing class that has yet to be touched.
but I have been doing stuff all night!
I'd love for summer to come a little quicker, however....that would mean less time for me to finish all of this stuff. boy oh boy.

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